September 09, 2017, Facebook post from Damorius Fuller Ali: “Question #2. Why does racism still exist?  Do I have a lot of thinkers on line???”

My response below:

“Because it still exists on the institutional & systemic level. Also, because children are still taught to prejudice against POC. There must be a tipping point/cultural shift to change this. To where the cost/benefit no longer serves racists or their agendas. The cost must finally, once and for all be too damn high for racists to actively perpetuate this unwholesome, hateful, ignorant, and fruitless practice. WE white people must do our part to render this type of culture irrelevant by speaking out, by acting out against racism in all its forms, i.e., systemic form, institutional form, populist form, and individual forms.” #BlackLivesMatter

August 24, 2017 Guilford County Democratic Party At-Large Candidate Forum




  1. Ray Alexander, Chairman of the Government Affairs Committee (2017) Greensboro Regional REALTORS® Association & me after the candidate forum.
  2. Me delivering my 3-minute speech.

Democratic At Large Candidate Forum

Posted by Guilford County Democratic Party (NC) on Thursday, August 24, 2017

My speech begins around the 21:33 mark.

August 15, 2017 City Council meeting

Greensboro City Council apologizes for 1979 Greensboro Massacre

August 08, 2017

Endorsement from Mike Perko, Ph.D., MCHES, FAAHE, Professor, Dept. of Public Health Education, UNCG

“I write this very enthusiastic note of support for Jodi Bennett-Bradshaw, who is running for Greensboro City Council At-Large.  I had the wonderful opportunity to recruit Jodi into the Masters in Public Health (MPH) at UNCG in the Department of Public Health Education and I was never more proud than when she received her degree.  I have known Jodi for 6 years; please allow me to highlight the personal and professional attributes that already serve Jodi as a wonderful advocate for Greensboro.

Jodi’s passion is young people and their health.  A Phi Beta Kappa, Jodi was over-prepared and a welcome scholar to both her instructors/professors and her classmates/colleagues.  She brought refreshingly robust alternative solutions to many of the assignments in the courses she pursued and was willing to defend her positions with facts, appropriate nuances and aplomb; this is an intelligent person who impressed others with her poise, intelligence and positive confidence.  Along with her Masters she graduated undergrad Summa Cum Laude with a 3.91 GPA at UNCG, and was one of the best students I was privileged to teach in her cohort for her Graduate degree.   

Given her past experience and hard work, she has extraordinary potential in a role of City Council At-Large.  She has been:


·         Youth Development Coordinator, Guilford County Schools

·         SAS Instructor, Student Academic Success Program, UNCG

·         Adjunct Faculty, Greensboro College

·         Program Assistant, Office for Adult Students, UNCG

·         Community Outreach Coordinator, E. P. Pearce Elem., Greensboro

·         Volunteer Task Force Coordinator, UNCG

·         Won outstanding MPH Internship Research Poster

·         Given multiple national and international presentations

In my opinion, Jodi is greatly needed on the front lines in Greensboro as an advocate and resource; her passion, intelligence and outstanding interpersonal skills would be a tremendous resource for citizens locally.”

Mike Perko, Ph.D., MCHES, FAAHE


Dept. of Public Health Education


July 31, 2017

Endorsement from Julia Loreth, M. S., Biology Instructor at local university:

Jodi Bennett-Bradshaw is my friend and I am proud to say that. I have known her for years. I could gush about how kind, open and sincere she is, but these are not the only characteristics a member of the city council requires.  I played a small role in Jodi’s education.  She is a great student and I say this in the present tense.  She respects knowledge and the importance of knowing the sides of an argument, including, if any, the scientific evidence.  She has a quick mind and can empathize with others, even if their viewpoint and experiences are very different from her own.  She does not shy away from something because it is complicated, as most issues are today. 

Jodi has lived in Greensboro for a long time.  Her daughter has grown up and flourished here.  Jodi completed her B. A. degree in anthropology here.  When her daughter was in grade school she worked throughout the state as a small business owner.  She worked when she was a student at university and is currently a member of the faculty at Archer Elementary School.  

My point is, that in her capacity in these jobs she has come to know Greensboro from many perspectives, so she can relate to people from these varying viewpoints.  These experiences have given her extensive knowledge about taxation, job planning, equipment acquisition, and disbursement.

I know Jodi and I trust her, but the factor that most makes me want to vote for her is that she has background in science.  Science sometimes gets a bad reputation because it is stringent and often hard to follow. I cannot , however imagine our lives without all the science and related technology we currently have.  Among other things science has increased our life expectancy through modern medicine.  It has increased our awareness of global events and put them in our homes in lightning speed.  It has helped food stores keep up with the growth of the human population.  But, this is not about the wonders of science, this is about Jodi Bennett-Bradshaw.  

Jodi has been involved in scientific research.  She understands what makes up a good scientific study and how the information can be applied to real-world problems.  She will not rely on pat answers, exaggerated claims, and media blitzes, which is all too often entertaining, but detrimental.

Without a doubt in my mind, I know Jodi Bennett-Bradshaw will do a fantastic job as a member of the Greensboro City Council.  She is dedicated, honest, and smart.  She has in the past, and will work hard for the people of Greensboro.  She is a person we need on city council.


I made some new friends at the Indivisible Greensboro Meeting!

Damorius, Esiah and Moee (Not pictured)

(Left) Community Activist – Damorius Fuller-Ali and me.

(Right) Community Activist in-training – Esiah and me.


Fun Fourth Celebration

Official Announcement June 30, 2017

Hello Neighbors,

Please click on the link or copy and paste into your browser to read my official announcement to run for City Council At Large! Let me know what you think email me

Thank you,


The Voice We Need for The Change We Deserve!